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How do I begin the franchise application process?

If you’re an interested candidate, we want to hear from you! The first step is to fill out this contact form on BNI’s franchising website,, and we will follow up with you soon.

Do I need previous business services or franchise experience to become a franchisee?

Not necessarily; Our franchisees have varying backgrounds. BNI is looking for prospective master franchisees who have management and business experience, with strong networking, operational and financial resources.

Are sub and master opportunities available?

Our current focus is to recruit master franchisees who are interested in developing BNI in their home country, as well as the opportunity to operate a region in select countries where BNI already exists.

What type of management team and training is required?

As part of our franchise identification process, potential master franchisees must provide a comprehensive, detailed three to five year business plan to BNI. The plan must include a management team that is devoted 100 percent to the development and operation of the BNI business. Once awarded, training for the management team is accomplished through a four-week training program conducted by BNI training personnel. The training program consists of two weeks in an existing market and two weeks in country.

How long does the entire process take to become a master franchisee?

The time needed to become a master franchisee varies depending primarily upon the market and any franchise disclosure requirements that might be required.

What does the initial franchisee fee cover? Does it include startup supplies and training?

The initial master franchise fee will vary by market and is based on a cost recovery calculation as well as the market potential, meaning the number of members possible in that market. These fees do not include any development or startup costs for the offices or working capital; any agreed supplies are to be purchased separately. There is no additional fee for the four-week training mentioned.

What is the royalty fee?

In order to use the BNI name, trademarks, global image and logo, master franchisees are required to pay a monthly royalty fee of 7 percent of net revenue to BNI Global.

Will I be assigned an exclusive territory?

Yes, BNI will award exclusive territories based on the target markets identified as well as other markets that have a strong potential for the development of the BNI business.

How can I learn more about the BNI franchise program?

Please fill out this contact form on BNI’s franchising website,, and a member of our franchise development staff will contact you to schedule an initial call. You may also reach out to

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Bijay Shah

“Having been a BNI National Director now for over 12 years, I can’t think of any other business venture which could be as rewarding and satisfying. Not only have I found the BNI Concept an excellent business model from a Master Franchisee point of view, but it’s even more fulfilling as I get the opportunity to impact people’s personal and professional lives every day.”


National Director, United Arab Emirates & Qatar

Lorena Medina

“Being part of BNI makes you a part of a larger, worldwide community that breathes and lives its core values, every day. The collective knowledge and support is invaluable to your own personal growth and that of your BNI business. You will want to be a part of this.”


National Director, Mexico

Y.P. Lai

“As a BNI National Director, there is an immense sense of fulfillment when I directly help business owners grow their business, allowing them to provide more job opportunities and better financial security to their employees’ families. In BNI we are building business communities that are focused on supporting each other and that have a culture of love and caring. It is not only about business, it is also about giving back to society and creating a meaningful legacy. We are definitely “Changing the Way the World Does Business.”


National Director, Thailand, Vietnam & Philippines

Graham Southwell

“Getting involved in BNI has been a life changing experience. The personal, spiritual and economic growth that I have experienced in my 18 years of running BNI in New Zealand has far exceeded my wildest expectations. BNI makes a difference not just to myself and my family – but also to the communities in which we operate.”


National Director, New Zealand

The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals.