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BNI® Franchisees Relish Meeting People and Building Connections in the Communities They Serve

BNI® franchisees enjoy helping people connect, and doing work that makes a major positive impact in their communities. That’s the common passion that binds everyone in our organization together.

“Owning a BNI franchise is probably one of the most rewarding things I could ever imagine. It’s a way for me to give back to people in a huge way. It really fulfills my values,” Patti Salvucci says.

In terms of skills and backgrounds, Executive Directors come from all walks of life. Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI® Founder and Chairman, has seen people with many different strengths make for outstanding franchisee Executive Directors. “I’ve seen analytical people run very successful regions because they surrounded themselves with very outgoing people; I’ve seen promoters and go-getters who are really good because they surround themselves with analytical people. Successful franchisees have confidence in their ability and know their style and they know how to form a winning team.”

Training People, Mastering Processes

A successful Executive Director at BNI® realizes that the recipe for growth lies in recruiting the right people for the team and empowering them with the right tools, such as training, to succeed. An Executive Director must have the ability to connect with people. BNI has clearly outlined processes to follow at every stage of the business right from conducting weekly meetings to hosting visitor events. A BNI® franchisee must either be detail-oriented or surround themselves with others who possess those skills.