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BNI® Franchise Reviews from Executive Directors

“I have regular debates with my husband about what I’m doing with my world because he is an engineer and I too have an engineering degree. He says I could be an engineer but I wouldn’t be making the impact that I’m making now as a franchisee at BNI®. My team members are amazing, the people in our chapters are amazing and that’s why I do this. It’s a labor of love. Plus it is a really fun way to make an income on top of that. There’s no question I would 100 percent do it again if asked.”

— Meaghan Chitwood, Executive Director, Northern Alabama

“We have so many businesses that want to be placed that we can’t open chapters fast enough. That’s how exciting it is. Doing this business is probably one of the most rewarding things I could ever imagine. It’s a way for me to give back to people in a huge way and help them realize their dreams. I believe we are here to give back, it really fulfills my values. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the right path for me.”

— Patti Salvucci, Executive Director, Massachusetts

“Being a BNI® Executive Director was not something I had in mind, I kind of tripped into it backwards. When I got in, I found out I was pretty good at getting people together and helping them be successful. It was my passion and when I found out I could have a good career from it, it’s been the greatest thing ever. I have traveled all around the world and it doesn’t matter where I go, I know there’s a BNI® there that will welcome me.”

— Tim Paulin, Louisiana and Southern Mississippi

“The bottom line is that with all the systems in place and what BNI® has figured out over the last three decades, if you plug into it and follow the recipe it’s amazing. I’ve never seen a business that is so self-propelling. It kind of builds upon itself. You get it started and people get so excited and passionate. They want to help and they want to make it work. And then the margins are great, the revenue is great and the people are unbelievable.”

— Mark Stough, Executive Director, Southwest Florida