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What an amazing journey it has been for BNI® these past 35 years.  Having the opportunity to lead such a successful organization as BNI has been the proudest moment in my career.  The success of BNI is a tribute to our Founder Dr. Ivan Misner for having the vision, drive and determination to create an organization that is so simple in design and yet has had an extraordinary impact on people’s lives.  It’s also a tribute to all the BNI Leaders and Members past and present who have tirelessly supported and helped each other grow their businesses.    

As I envision BNI”s next 35 years, I’ve never been more excited about the prospects for significant growth.  I see BNI becoming the most powerful platform for global business development ever created.  The go-to place people think of around the world when they’re hoping to grow their business.  We’ll create meaningful opportunities for hundreds of millions of people around the world.  As a direct result of BNI, business leaders will be more productive and fulfilled, and communities worldwide will have better education, nutrition, and healthcare.  BNI will grow as an example to the world that we all have a universal aspiration for our businesses to succeed, to provide for those around us as well as the disadvantaged, and to create a durable legacy in the world.

The foundation and structure that Ivan built 35 years ago has provided us with an extraordinary base from which to grow. In the years ahead, Member success will be our accelerator of growth.  We need to make the new Member’s experience exceptional.  If we do that, we’ll be giving the best of ourselves and exemplifying Givers Gain® in the best way.  Growth will then be on autopilot.

Personal and professional growth for our associates and leaders is also without boundaries.  Where else can you find the opportunity to experience the world, build deep friendships across boundaries of every kind, and play a key role impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe?

My dream is that 35 years from now, people everywhere will know and revere BNI as the most successful networking organization in the world and that we will have grown to 10,000,000 Members in over 150 countries around the globe.  I believe that dream can be our reality.  I look forward to continuing the journey with you and wish you all a “ Happy 35th Anniversary”.


Graham Weihmiller

BNI CEO + Community Builder