Businesses worldwide trust BNI to help them generate revenue through qualified referrals and by doing so is changing the way the world does business. Whether you are a member and part of a chapter or a Master Franchisee, BNI is positioned to help increase your business through a structured positive and proven referral program.  With over 283,000 members and 10,000 chapters around the world BNI is committed to building long-term meaningful relationships with driven professionals.

BNI’s members and chapters are currently in over 72 countries worldwide and BNI is looking for its next Master Franchises. They will have the opportunity to grow their own business by attracting members and in turn helping these small to medium size business owners-grow their profitability and impact on the community in which they work.

Deciding whether franchising is right for you can be stressful.  That’s why we help you navigate through the process as you learn more about the BNI opportunity and building relationships.

Building relationships is one of the seven core values we have here at BNI, and it is just part of the key to success within the organization. There are so many ways relationships are built within BNI. One such way is having one-to-ones. The BNI system provides the member a network of professionals to access and schedule one-to-ones. Thereby diversifying your network and assisting with the growth of your business and relationships.

BNI Worldwide Development Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Dr. Ivan Misner says, “First, you have to be visible in the community. You have to get out there and connect with people. It’s not called net-sitting or net-eating. It’s called networking. You have to work at it”.

About BNI

The BNI system is comprised of approximately 283,000 members and more than 10,000 chapters operating in 72 countries and territories worldwide.  BNI has numerous websites to help answer specific questions.  They are,, and

This advertisement does not constitute an offer. In order to make an offer, you must receive a registered Franchise Disclosure Document. This advertisement does not apply to the following U.S. states: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. This advertisement does not apply to countries with franchise registration laws.

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