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Why BNI® Franchise?

Winning With a BNI Franchise Is Made Easy

Our Givers Gain® philosophy, places people-first to help grow your franchised business.

For you, it means a better quality of life, with structure and support that’s needed to grow your franchise business.

For your members, it’s cutting-edge technology that’s needed and demanded that will help your franchise business and help your members succeed. 

For your sub-franchisees, it means getting a consistent and proven experience designed to get, keep, and retain members.

We’re Built to Help Our Master Franchisees Succeed

We care about creating and implementing the best possible solutions for our master franchisees, members, sub-franchisee, and their members with tools, technology, and support that no one expect BNI can deliver.

Hear from Some of Our Master Franchisees

Many people are unsure if they should franchise. Hear why many have chosen BNI as their franchisor of choice and what it means to be part of the BNI family.

How a Simple Idea Sparked an International Business
and Sustained Growth Over 38 Years and Counting

Over thirty eight years ago, Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder and chief visionary officer of BNI, was a business consultant looking for referrals. He approached a few trusted friends for the favor and suggested that he in turn could help them. The group of professional colleagues began to meet and share business referrals, augmenting each others’ marketing efforts by introducing their clients and friends to other trusted professionals.

The seed for BNI had been sown.

Dr. Misner’s small group picked up steam. Soon, Ivan was being asked if he could help others establish their own groups. Initially, he was wary of straying from his career path as a business consultant. Then, it dawned on him that running referral networks was itself a powerful kind of business consulting.

Upon reflection, Dr. Misner realized he had something of value on his hands — a way of driving sales that wasn’t routinely taught at schools. BNI was officially formed.

With that start thirty seven years ago, growth has been organic and global. Today, BNI serves over 300,000 members in over 75 countries around the world. In 2022 alone, BNI registered generated nearly $20.4 billion in business.

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