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Frequently Asked Questions

Find The Answers To Your BNI® Questions

If you’re an interested candidate, we want to hear from you! The first step is too attend a set up an introduction call today.

No. Our franchisees have varying backgrounds. BNI is looking for a potential Master Franchisee with a strong network, financial strength, and excellent operational skill set.

The time needed to become a Master Franchisee varies depending on your local market and disclosure requirements.

The initial Master Franchise fee covers most of your start-up cost, but these do not cover any development or start-up cost associated for offices or working capital.

For the use of the BNI name, trademarks, global image, and logo, Master Franchisees are required to pay 7 percent of gross revenues to BNI.

Yes, BNI will award exclusive territories based on target markets that have a strong potential for development of the BNI business.

In order to learn more about the BNI Master Franchise opportunity, please set up an introduction call today.

Let’s connect via Zoom.

Connect below by attending a 20-minute webinar or by scheduling a conversation soon.