What is Business Networking? Business networking is often described as the relationship between professionals. Business networkers could be business to business, clients, customers, members, etc. In most cases business networking will assist in the growth of one’s professional life.

There are many ways business networking can work. Since the pandemic, networking has changed in ways from in person to online. And, if you can remember, years ago networking was done by an individual going from door to door selling their services and or products by looking up numbers in a phone book. Now, networking often takes place with business professionals through networking events, where they talk about their services and products. During the events, business professionals discuss their needs, problems they face and how they can turn to one another for assistance.

Here at BNI there are many ways we network. Our team members, National Director’s, Executive Director’s, members, and others, attend chapter meetings, trainings, and various other meetings all for the purpose of growing and generating more business.  BNI focuses on building long lasting relationships. It’s proven that BNI’s business networking assists with developing those relationships and contributing to their success. To find out more about BNI click here.

Business networking offers many opportunities for anyone looking to continue to grow in their professional lives and assist others with theirs. So much growth can happen when you are open to the idea of business networking.

About BNI

The BNI system is comprised of approximately 288,000 members and more than 10,500 chapters operating in 76 countries and territories worldwide.  BNI has multiple websites to help answer specific questions.  Please visit us at bnifranchise.com, bni.com, and bnipodcast.com.

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