BNI’s Core Values are tied into everything we do.  Often, there will be more than one Core Value that correlates with something and/or someone here at BNI. If you aren’t familiar with our Core Values, we encourage you to check out our blog from June 27th, 2022, here.

Our Franchise Development Team often refers to BNI’s Core Values during conversations with Master Franchise candidates. The Core Values we talk about below are Traditions + Innovation and Building Relationships.

Building Relationships is all about people wanting to do business with people they know, like and trust and then cultivating those relationships. Therefore, the Franchise Development Team really strives for a lasting first impression. We ensure a great experience with not only our team members but with those doing business within BNI for years to come.

Our traditions at BNI allow our team to ensure that the first impression you have of us lasts and that you have a great experience throughout your time spent with BNI. Of course, we are always looking for ways to improve on those impressions. It is crucial that our Development Team uses Traditions + Innovations while working with future and current Master Franchisees. The traditions at BNI are very important to the organization but also to our team members. It is important that the team recognizes the specific areas where it’s okay to introduce and develop new ideas on the franchise side.

When candidates have conversations with our Development Team it is important to them that their passion for franchising and the BNI organization is witnessed. Our team hold high standards of one another and that shows through their personalities and their qualifications, and we want to ensure that our prospects get a sense of that. The team always ensures that they are well prepared to meet with candidates and make a lasting impression.

If you know of someone who would qualify for a Master Franchise opportunity in one or more of our open countries, please email Ashlee Ranaudo-Blanc at We are happy to answer questions and share more information about these exciting franchising opportunities.

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