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Back in November, 2021 we launched our “Franchising, is it Right for You?” blog. In the second-to-last sentence within that blog BNI team members briefly talk about having a mentor to guide our franchisees and answer questions that arise while learning BNI’s franchise business. The relationship between the franchisor and the new Master Franchisees are so important and the support BNI provides is unmatched.

Once a franchisee purchases a new territory, they are designated a team member to assist with their onboarding process. In addition to the guidance from a team member, BNI has resource centers as well, consisting of BNI Connect and BNI University. However, during the process of becoming a Master Franchisee, BNI’s Development and Operations Team goes over in detail the kind of support we provide. Our franchisers will know what they can expect long before signing any documentation.

A new franchisee here at BNI should never feel concerned about stepping into their new role. Even though our franchisees are considered independent business owners, they can expect to build lifelong relationships and have the support they need to carry on throughout and beyond their onboarding.

You will not only have the support from team members and online resources, but from marketing materials as well. A new franchisee is provided a kit filled with all the marketing materials to get you started in your new position. These materials will be provided for you to promote not only BNI but the Master Franchisee in the new territory. This will assist our new franchisees and allow them to be their most successful. 

Interested in becoming a Master Franchise? Check out BNI’s available opportunities here. We have team members waiting to meet you!

About BNI

The BNI system is comprised of approximately 288,000 members and more than 10,600 chapters operating in 75 different countries and territories worldwide.  BNI has multiple websites to help answer specific questions.  Please visit us at,, and

This advertisement does not constitute an offer. In order to make an offer, you must receive a registered Franchise Disclosure Document. This advertisement does not apply to the following U.S. states: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. This advertisement does not apply to countries with franchise registration laws.

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