On October 28, 2022 Indonesia became part of BNI. We welcome new National Directors Grace Hakim, Setio Priyono, and Eddy Surgiri. BNI Global, Inc. Head of Global Development George Barlow was pleased to welcome the newest National Directors. “I am thrilled to welcome our new Master Franchisees and friends to the BNI family. They have a reputation for excellent leadership and a passion for helping others.”

Grace has been involved with BNI since 2018 where she has been a Member of the Pioneer Chapter, a Member of the Grow Chapter, and a Launch Director Consultant. She has an impressive background in leadership, negotiation, marketing, and communication, with a bachelor’s degree in international trade.

Setio was also a Member of the Pioneer Chapter, starting in 2015. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration. His core skills are in accounting and finance, strategic management, auditing, and public relations.

Eddy holds a degree in architecture and is fluent in four languages. His skills include communication, ideation, problem solving, and critical thinking.

In a testimonial Grace, Setio, and Eddy said, “The three of us were inspired to build BNI chapters so that we can use BNI as a vehicle to help more SMEs in Indonesia. It was then that we decided this is the right momentum to be the National Directors of BNI Indonesia.”

Indonesia has already successfully built three chapters. The BNI Core Value of “Building Relationships” has shown through with the success of their chapters. The Members have contacts both locally and internationally. Those contacts occurred with the passing of referrals among numerous businesses. Grace, Setio, and Eddy are excited for their Members to continue to succeed.

BNI looks forward to the many successes awaiting BNI Indonesia.

About BNI

Supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals around the globe, BNI is the world’s largest referral networking organization. With options for In-person, Online, and Hybrid Meetings, BNI Members grow their businesses in Chapters that fit their preferred networking style. To learn more, visit bni.com.

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