Time Frame

Have you ever heard the saying “all good things take time”? Well, the most common question asked to the Development Team is: “How long does the process take to become a franchisee within the organization?” We take pride in the processes we use in developing a franchisee’s new country.

Our franchisees are coached throughout the whole process and never feel like they must go it alone. We are there every step of the way. Please refer to our blog from December 9th, 2021 for our process on becoming a franchisee owner. Once that is completed, there is still an estimated timeframe to develop that country successfully.

First, there is work within the business that needs to be done, which consists of building the home Region. This step can take an estimated of six-to-eight months, consisting of learning how to launch BNI Chapters and learning how to support those Chapters.

Second, there is work on the business. This includes recruiting the Leadership Team, coaching them to launch Chapters, and. finally, coaching them to support those Chapters. The duration of this step is between twelve and eighteen months.

Finally, once the franchise has run successfully for 24 months, you will have the opportunity to sub-franchise.

You can contact our Development Team here to find out more information related to BNI Franchising.

About BNI

The BNI system is comprised of approximately 288,000 members and more than 10,600 chapters operating in 75 different countries and territories worldwide.  BNI has multiple websites to help answer specific questions.  Please visit us at bnifranchise.com, bni.com, and bnipodcast.com.

This advertisement does not constitute an offer. In order to make an offer, you must receive a registered Franchise Disclosure Document. This advertisement does not apply to the following U.S. states: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. This advertisement does not apply to countries with franchise registration laws.

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