In our previous franchise blogs, you may have read a section where we have referred to a BNI Core
Value here or there. Did you know that BNI has 7 Core Values? Traditions + Innovations, Lifelong
Learning, Positive Attitude, Givers Gain®, Building Relationships, Accountability,
and Recognition are the
seven guideposts by which we conduct our business.

BNI is built on a set of guiding principles which form the foundation on which members interact, conduct
themselves and fulfill their goals. At BNI, we’re Changing the Way the World Does Business®.

Givers Gain®: Throughout the organization all the core values serve a purpose. However, the principal
core value, or BNI’s heartbeat, is Givers Gain. BNI Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Dr. Ivan Misner
says “We give because we understand that in a community, what we do, others will do, and we all
benefit. We give because we know that in the same situation others would do the same for us. We give
because we want to give back where we have profited before. We give because when we work together,
we get bigger and better results than working on our own. We give because we enjoy it”.

Traditions + Innovation: Following along with BNI’s traditions will guide you through the lens of BNI’s
past, present, and future. You will be able to learn and teach what we focus on everyday here at BNI.
Even though BNI has traditions, we encourage the new ideas from individuals.

Lifelong Learning: The knowledge you share when you join BNI doesn’t end there. Whether you are a
current franchisee, future franchisee, or a member, you will have the opportunity to continue to learn.
Who is it that you want to become? Or how do you see yourself helping others become who they want
to be? At BNI, you will be encouraged and supported to continue to grow in a variety of ways.

Positive Attitude: Being a part of BNI means being a part of a network that flourishes on positive
attitude. On The Official BNI Podcast: Episode 501 BNI Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Dr. Ivan
Misner says “A positive attitude makes people want to associate and cooperate with you. Positive
business professionals are like magnets. Others want to be around them and will send their friends,
family, and associates to them.”

Building Relationships: When you join BNI you will be given the opportunity to build relationships with
like-minded individuals. You will not only have the opportunity to build relationships with BNI staff but
with National Directors, Executive Directors, Members, etc. These relationships you create will give you
the chance to surround yourself with others who want to see you succeed.

Accountability: Just like every Core Value here at BNI, Accountability plays a crucial role in the success of
Members and their businesses. After 37 years of growth, we know what Member success looks like, and
we provide every new Member the roadmap to achieve it. Be it a BNI leader or a fellow Chapter
Member, you will have support all around.

Recognition: Whether your achievement at BNI is big or small, we feel that it is important to recognize
your hard work. BNI wants to celebrate those victories with you to let you know that those
achievements matter to us and that we are proud of all the work you put in.

What Core Value do you want to focus on?

About BNI
The BNI system is comprised of approximately 288,000 members and more than 10,600 chapters
operating in 75 different countries and territories worldwide. BNI has multiple regional websites to help
answer specific questions in your area. To get started, please visit us at,, and

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