Networking is a vital aspect of business growth, and BNI® (Business Network International) has been instrumental in connecting professionals and fostering meaningful relationships. In a recent interview, BNI Master Franchisee/National Director of Indonesia, Grace Hakim shared invaluable insights into her motivations, strategies, and achievements as a leader within the organization. Join us as we explore Grace’s vision for BNI and the measures taken to drive growth, foster collaboration, and promote inclusivity. Grace was awarded Master Franchisee/National Director of Indonesia in November 2022 and with only seven months in she and her team have seen the positive impact BNI has made in Indonesia.

Grace’s decision to assume the role of BNI Master Franchisee/National Director was driven by a desire to contribute to the growth of Indonesia’s economy. Recognizing BNI’s Core Values and its potential to shape the business landscape, she saw a larger vision for the country and seized the opportunity..

To drive the growth and advancement of BNI, Grace emphasizes the importance of quality Members and their positive impact within the network. She and her team focus on recruiting and retaining high-caliber individuals. Therefore, BNI can create a strong leadership team capable of leading the organization towards continued success.

Grace understands the significance of collaboration and synergy among diverse BNI Chapters. She promotes global networking by encouraging BNI Members to attend meetings in neighboring countries and arranging cross-border business matching opportunities. Additionally, organizing global events and inviting keynote speakers from overseas brings different motivations and perspectives to BNI Members.

Ensuring Member retention and active engagement is a priority for Grace. She emphasizes the support provided by the Director Consultants to Members and emphasizes the importance of selecting quality leaders who align with BNI’s culture and education. By fostering a supportive and engaged environment, BNI enhances Member experiences and encourages long-term commitment.

Under Grace’s leadership, BNI Indonesia has achieved notable success. A significant accomplishment was the positive impact of the 2022 BNI Global Convention, with approximately 60% of attending Members experiencing a mindset shift towards a more positive direction during that event. Furthermore, the launch of three Chapters since the beginning of 2023, with a grand launch scheduled for the week of May 15th, exemplifies the organization’s continuous growth.

Inclusivity and diversity are paramount to BNI’s success in Indonesia. Grace and her team actively encourage Members to engage in outside activities, such as one-on-one meetups and networking events now that the country has opened post-pandemic. These initiatives create opportunities for diverse voices and backgrounds to come together, fostering an inclusive and dynamic network.

BNI Indonesia remains up to date with the latest networking trends and technological advancements. They attend weekly webinars and Master Franchisee/ND (National Director) meetings, actively build relationships within the network, and share the insights of Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, to enhance Members’ knowledge.

To cultivate strong relationships with other business organizations, Grace and her team actively engage with prominent entities such as JCI (Junior Chamber International). Their participation in events like The Young Entrepreneur Fest and speed networking has allowed them to establish beneficial partnerships. Additionally, inviting business leaders to visit BNI Chapters helps familiarize them with the organization’s values and opportunities.

In dealing with conflicts or issues that may arise among BNI Chapters or Members, Grace emphasizes a positive and respectful approach. Encouraging open dialogue and emphasizing the loyalty of Master Franchisees/National Directors towards their Members fosters a supportive and understanding environment where conflicts can be addressed and resolved effectively.

Through their leadership, dedication, and strategic vision, Master Franchisees/National Directors play a pivotal role in expanding BNI’s reach, fostering business connections, and empowering professionals worldwide.

About BNI

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